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Is CIA playing the great game in Tibet?

I came across this interesting article in Rediff on the current happenings in Tibet. Here is an excerpt from the article:


Indeed, with the CIA’s deep involvement with the Free Tibet Movement and its funding of the suspiciously well-informed Radio Free Asia, it would seem somewhat unlikely that any revolt could have been planned or occurred without the prior knowledge, and even perhaps the agreement, of the National Clandestine Service (formerly known as the Directorate of Operations) at CIA headquarters in Langley.

Respected columnist and former senior Indian intelligence officer B Raman commented on March 21 that ‘on the basis of available evidence, it was possible to assess with a reasonable measure of conviction’ that the initial uprising in Lhasa on March 14 ‘had been pre-planned and well orchestrated’.

I found another of such articles here.

Could CIA have been involved clandestinely in the uprising in Tibet?

Here’s a link to the history of CIA’s involvement in Tibet. The article is a well detailed account of the role CIA has played in the Free Tibet Movement. Dont get fooled into thinking that CIA is for the freedom of the Tibetans. Its more for usurping the significance of communism and chipping away China’s dominance in the world. Especially now, after Bush’s ego-trip into Iraq, when USA’s moral and economic status in the world has diminished substantially. Forget Russia, now its China against whom the US is locked in a Cold War with. There are many instances of the same – The rush for Oil in Africa, trying to win over the Latin American countries, the position on Iran and Tibet and so on…

Politics is the greatest game of all, and world politics more so…


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  1. I read this article as well and honestly, I think his thoughts are just conjecture. Its fine to advance conjecture, but it shouldn’t be used to give credence arguments that the CIA was behind the riots in Tibet.

    Its especially dangerous when millions of Chinese forum posters keen to prove that it WAS all the CIA, and therefore deny that there are any issues in Tibet, will immediately pounce on it to PROVE that everything the People’s Daily has been saying was true all along.

    Comment by Patrick Mosolf | May 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. What you say is perfectly true…Chinese will use this as a means to further their argument. But my point is not that there are no problems in Tibet. It is that CIA is using the disenchantment and the separatist feeling of the Tibetans to their interest.

    This is a game of politics. CIA has definite interest in the region in usurping the Chinese influence. And it will use all thats possible to do that. It is doing the same in India and Pakistan. Thats just how the great game is played.

    Comment by gauravmoghe | May 27, 2008 | Reply

  3. I agree with you that the CIA MAY BE using disenchantment and separatist feelings to their interest.

    But is there any real evidence to show that is true? If not, and as I said the article you refer to is mostly just the author’s conjecture, then is it really responsible to state it as a fact?

    It may be more responsible to say that you THINK the CIA is doing that, and then provide evidence for that. Or if its just a suspicion, state it as such.

    I can totally understand suspicions like that, I often have the same kind of thoughts, but I usually am open about stating that is just what it is- a hunch.

    Comment by Patrick Mosolf | June 17, 2008 | Reply

  4. think about it for a second. Why WOULDN’T the CIA be fomenting rebellion in Tibet? I mean, sure there are doubts about the CIA’s competence as of late, but seriously, it’s in the USA government’s best interest to weaken and separate China. If the CIA weren’t in Tibet, I would think there’s something fishy going on.

    Comment by Kevin | July 10, 2008 | Reply

  5. I agree with you Kevin. For us mortals, we would never know what goes on in the dark alleys of the intelligence world. But something like this is kinda obvious. Just as China meddling secretly in India’s affairs…if that isnt happening, the respective agency really sucks!

    Comment by gauravmoghe | July 10, 2008 | Reply

  6. “Why wouldn’t the CIA be fomenting rebellion in Tibet?”

    Perhaps because the Chinese government would find out? Perhaps because it would stimulate a diplomatic war between the two countries?

    Kevin, your assumption is that “it’s in the USA government’s best interest to weaken and separate China.” But I have read numerous commentators state exactly the opposite, that it is better to have a stable China. After all, China is tightly interlinked with the world economy, and many foreign corporations have a big stake in China.

    Guaravmoghe, your original post: “usurping the significance of communism”- Is China communist? If the US/CIA were involved in China, it wouldnt be about communism, it would be sheer geopolitics.

    Personally, I, like you, would be surprised if the CIA were not keeping tabs on what’s going on in China. But to say that they instigated the riots in Tibet is another thing altogether. Saying that China is keeping tabs in India is one thing, but saying they are provoking the Naxalites is another. In a similar example, I would have thought that China would have been involved in Nepal- however, I have been able to find no sources which allege that they were playing a part there in the fight between the Maoists and the government. (If you find any info on that, do inform me…)

    A review of the events in Tibet in March show that there were several days of non-violent demonstrations, which only finally erupted in violence. An eyewitness noted that what seemed to spark the rioting was police surrounding a monastery and refusing to allow people to access it. If the riots had been planned by the CIA all along, why wouldn’t the riots have broken out earlier in the period of non-violent demonstrations?

    I don’t know how much you have researched this, but taking the time to find out more might be a good idea, before passing judgement.

    Personally, I think at this point it is all speculative. Only later, when people who were involved write about it, or when documents are de-classified, can we have a clearer picture.

    What is most disturbing to me, is not that someone wrote this article, but that virtually every Chinese person on the planet believes this kind of thing, and refuses to even consider the idea that there is any problem in Tibet. Their belief in the conspiracy theory conveniently excuses them from even considering the possibility that their government’s behavior is any less than perfect. I would have expected that from the CCP, but not from the Chinese people.

    Comment by Patrick Mosolf | July 13, 2008 | Reply

  7. Global Research, the article you are citing as your main source, is a site which presents somewhat moderate “conspiracy theories” on almost everything. Its interesting to read what they write, but how can we know whether what they say is true? Note that the author provides no sources for his article.

    We could say that Global Research is like an academic journal of conspiracy theories.

    If you read the article carefully, again, it is clear that it is basically just speculation, with a mix of facts dating back to 1972 and before.

    Comment by Patrick Mosolf | July 13, 2008 | Reply

  8. Patrick, you are missing the whole point here, and are burning yourself out too much. My post had no intention of appearing factual or to give “proof” of CIA involvement in Tibet. I am not a reporter or an agent, so I wouldnt know. And I know that. The objective of the post WAS to be speculative. This was a mere suggestion, which has a significant probability of being true, given the nature of geopolitics.

    You would probably understand that if I was a reporter, I would have never gotten this published in a newspaper, for the precise reason that it is speculative. But this is a blog for my views, my speculations and my ideas. I am free to write whatever I want to. That is the whole purpose of having a blog. Its personal. Again, I am not writing outrageous stuff, only things that make sense. Its the professional’s role to find out whether it is true or not.

    Comment by gauravmoghe | July 13, 2008 | Reply

  9. I am a little surprised that no one in this discussion has referred to John K. Knaus’s “Orphans of the Cold War: American and the Tibetan Struggle for Survival” published in 1999, which gives plenty of “evidences” in various forms to the CIA’s involvement. The book is a result of author’s interview of Dalai Lama, who revealed American betrayal to his causes. I, for one, find the proof very convincing. If you don’t have time to read the whole book, do check out those pages on Central Intelligence Agency as listed in the Index.

    Comment by ziyang Wang | July 26, 2008 | Reply

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