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Amazing video…back flipping dog!


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Amazing Indian street kid from Mumbai

As an Indian, I feel proud to see this video. But when I think of Ravi, the kid in this video, I feel bad that he has to spend his life on the streets when he could have achieved so much in his life. This is not just the story of Ravi, its the story of India. Immense talent, immense power, but still criminally under-utilized. Spread this video around, if you can.

The same kid, in his teenage years…

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How to save tonnes of gas and get a great mileage…

Driving a four wheeler on 2 wheels is a desperate measure…but at $4.5/gallon, dude! its worthwhile!

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Criss Angel’s amazing magic video

Another one like that:

How the hell did they do that!!!

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Wavesurfing, Windsurfing and now…Trainsurfing!!

This is a crazy video!! No wonder the guy is German…he calls himself “The Train-Rider”

An interview with this train-rider himself…

This is not a German thing though…Its also kinda “done” in South Africa…

And in India, people do not do it as a hobby, but as a way to go to work. Look at this video of the morning train commute in Mumbai…

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Train runs through Bangkok market

Continuing my documentation of cultural eccentricities is this amazing video, where a train runs through a proper vegetable market in Bangkok. Its interesting to look at how people live in different parts of the world…we live in a pond and think thats the whole world…but believe me, its not!

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Ever knew penguins could fly?

This is supposedly a video from a BBC Documentary:

Isn’t this amazing?

The Wikipedia entry on penguins says that they are flightless birds, and so did I believe. There’s a UK Mirror article on the same, which says they were filmed at King George’s Island, 1200 kilometres south of the Falklands. And then there’s a Telegraph article on the same.

Amazed? Wondering why you never knew about flying penguins? Why they never told you about this on Planet Earth or National Geographic?

Probably has something to do with the date when this news was released…Click on the Telegraph article link and check it out!

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Can you imagine an elephant painting?

One of my friends sent me this video:

This video is so amazing, when I saw it first, I was dumbstruck! First, I wondered whether the mahout (elephant rider) is controlling the elephant in some way or other. But even if it was, isnt the fact that “an elephant is able to draw” awesome by itself? Thats how my friend who sent me the video responded to my skepticism, and I agree fully.

We have these weird illusions that we are at the top of the evolutionary ladder, and we end up doing things like the picture shown below (of whale hunting)

These elephants have now become an endangered species. These intelligent creatures, whose full intellectual ability we may never know. And judging from what the elephant is doing in the above video, I think we better roll up our sleeves and get into the act of finding out…!

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