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Pop vs Soda vs Coke vs Blahblah

I came across this interesting map. Countywise-distribution of how people call soft-drinks. Interesting pattern. Most Republicans call soft-drinks Coke and most Democrats call it Pop. Thats why the red and blue colors. So change what you call soft drinks now, based on what your party calls it!!

Also, do note some funny things that green blip on the top of Minnesota, or near Milwaukee, or that big “Soda” county patch near Ilinois/Missouri border. What the hell is happening there? It could be sampling issues, but any other explanations? Is there a life-history kind of effect?

Btw, am just kidding about Republicans and Democrats…sad joke…


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Just like this guy I was extremely bored when I posted this video…excuse me…

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Web 2.0…Linking everything to everything

I bet you will search the web for Web 2.0 or Digital Ethnography. Go ahead, teach the machine…!

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Obama related to Bush, Brad Pitt, Churchill

My Obama-mania grows with revelations from the New England Geneological Society that Obama is related to atleast 6 different Presidents and even Brad Pitt! The NEGS released family trees of all the presidential candidates. Their major findings are as follows:

Obama: George W. Bush, his father George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, James Madiso, Winston Churchill, Brad Pitt, Dick Cheney, Robert Lee

Clinton: Camilla Parker-Bowles, Madonna, Angelina Jolie among the notable ones.

McCain: Laura Bush

Obama leads again in this count of “super”(dead) delegates!!!

Here is how Obama is related to Bush. Notice the similarity in their coats…

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Haha! Nice one!

This is something I found on Nachiket’s blog. Its funny!


There’s one more of such MCPist images floating around, which I absolutely love! Check this out:

Nice, eh?

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Boomerangs work in space!

I found this news-article quite fascinating. I had never thought about this until I saw this article:

Boomerangs work in space – at last we know

A Japanese astronaut has answered a question which has plagued mankind for decades – can a boomerang work in space.

Astronaut Takao Doi threw a boomerang and saw it come back while on the the International Space Station, a spokeswoman for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said.

JAXA were keen to stress the “experiment” took place in the astronauts free time on the space station.

“I was very surprised and moved to see that it flew the same way it does on Earth,” said the 53-year-old in a chat from space.

Doi blasted off on US shuttle Endeavour on the March 11 and delivered the first piece of a Japanese laboratory to the International Space Station.

Link : Reuters

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How to fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds!

Wow! This is a really creative and fast way of folding a T-shirt. I wish my Momma had taught me that from childhood. I normally take about 30 seconds to fold a T-shirt in this manner. So, assuming I folded 4 T-shirts a week, I would have saved 112 seconds per week or about 2 minutes, and given the fact that I am 24 now i.e 22 X12 months (assuming I started folding T-shirts from the age of 2..yah I was a born genius!)= 284months=1136weeks=2272 minutes=38 hours!!! I could have saved 38 hours of my life!!! Now that I am a graduate student, I feel so many times that I could do so much more only if every day had 25 hours. I could use 38 such extra-hour days!!! Wow!

If you got carried away by these calculations, just forget them and enjoy the video…

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