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Friday vs Monday…even animals feel the pain!

This is a nice video I found on YouTube. Well, no surprise I am posting it on a Monday!


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Blog to Blog

People who know me will find it atrocious that I’ve started a new blog here. I had a blog on Blogger (Stuff), which still exists, and has lots of good posts. But that blog had a focus on science, and I found that quite a limitation when it came to penning down something that had nothing to do with science. Also, the templates on Blogger are horrible.

So here I am now, with a new blog. This blog is expected to contain anything that hits me. I mean, anything thats matter-less. Like information and thoughts. Due to the current technological limitations, I cannot post pots and pans and cars on the blog.

So, enjoy your time here. Also, please keep coming and commenting on the posts.

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