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Criss Angel’s amazing magic video

Another one like that:

How the hell did they do that!!!


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The real John McCain…scary!

I’m an Indian by birth, but still the thought of having John McCain at the helm of this country for another 8 years scares the hell out of me. Bush has already wrecked this country and the world, made the US more isolated and made the world more chaotic. I believe every bit that McCain would just continue doing the same. I could go on and on about how is policies are screwed up, how his so-called “experience” is a sham, and how his world-perspective is dangerous. But I’d just let these videos do the talking.

The Real McCain

And this is how he got his experience…

John McCain getting angry

MSNBC played this really insightful news-piece on the person who would be the next president of the United States. Have a look

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Waterboarding video

Amnesty International released a video to fight Waterboarding as a measure of interrogation. The video shows the technique very graphically. For those of you who dont know, during waterboarding the prisoner is simulated a drowning experience by gagging his mouth and pouring water over his head. Water enters the nose and mouth and the detainee feels as if he is drowning. Its a scary technique and I would shoot myself in the head if I knew I was going to be water-boarded.

All of the presidential candidates today are against water-boarding, esp John McCain (this is probably the only aspect of his campaign I find good) since he himself was a PoW in Vietnam. But the mighty Bush says NO to ending water-boarding. I personally feel Bush should be impeached, as he has done more damage to the US and the World than Osama Bin Laden could have ever imagined.

Anyways, thats off topic. Have a look at this scary water-boarding video (not the Amnesty one) and witness first-hand how gruesome this practice is.

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Are Americans stupid? Wow video!

Many have debated that Americans are stupid. Some have even proposed that Americans are the most productive and ingenious people exactly because of their stupidity. The reasoning is that creativity is nothing but a sudden cessation of stupidity.

In India you have a huge valley between rich and poor. There is such a valley in the US, just between the super-intelligent and the dumb. This is a country where you have Harvard, Princeton, MIT and tonnes of world-class institutions, models to emulate in the rest of the world, and also the country where people think the currency of UK is Queen Elizabeth money! What a shame!

To be fair, the above video is not about stupidity, but ignorance. And ignorance, we all know, is bliss. That means America is a blissful country, which no one can deny. That is why so many people come to the US, in search of bliss. That means, Iraq and Afganistan and North Korea are the most intelligent and aware countries in the world!

Wow! I really like my reasoning prowess! Enjoy the video!

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Never seen comics…superbly funny!

Source: Perry Bible Fellowship

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Next time you read “people killed”, think of this…

This is just one of the many images of what violence leads to. The name of this person is Suresh Babu, he was an ordinary man living in Kerala killed during the recent Marxist violence, when CPI(M) activists butchered a group of the RSS people.

It is not just about CPI(M). VHP did the same during Gujarat riots. Muslims did the same during Godhra and partition. Taliban did the same during their rule. The terrorists do the same all around the world.

This person would have had a mother, a father, a wife, maybe kids. Think what would happen to them.

Is any kind of violence justifiable? I am torn between yes and no.

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