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Environmental or Monetary benevolence?

Grnad Canyon floodingThis was a superb image I found on NatGeo. According to this article, about 1,135,623 liters of water was flooded into the Grand Canyon per second, with the aim of being able to restore the damage caused to the wildlife/aquatic life in the Grand Canyon area by the depleting water levels.

Seems cool. A powerful expression of human ingenuity. This picture truly symbolizes how man has been able to control the forces of nature.

Now one may get a wrong idea that the Bush Government is getting environment friendly. After making no efforts to combat global warming and recently declaring wolves in Montana “not endangered” (a decision severely criticized by many wildlife activists) , we cannot expect a lot from this government (and the John McCain one either, I bet).

Turns out that the Chief Supervisor of the Canyon was given just 1 day to make an environmental assessment. Thats ridiculous! Also, supposedly $80 million were spent into the research, and its vague where that money went. Many environmental activists have criticized this flooding event, saying it would cause more harm than good. More details about the project can be found in this article in Guardian.


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