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Palin ready to lead? She isnt even “ready” to talk to Letterman!

I agree with some when they say McCain is not afraid to debate. He’s been in politics for a long time, on the public stage. But his understudy Sarah Palin is not. She’s just started meeting world leaders, one of whom – the Pakistani President – said “you look gorgeous…if the reporters want me to hug you, I have no problem!!”… Would anyone have imagined anyone saying that to the future President of the United States!

A hockey mom’s experience isnt really the best one out there for dealing with heads of states that sponsor terror, or hardened world leaders like Putin. And this is not being sexist…I would never have said such a thing about Hillary. Sarah Palin cannot be allowed to occupy the most powerful office in the world. She simply cannot handle that power. John McCain does understand that.

And Letterman is right here. If John McCain cannot trust her enough to give interviews to media, or take his place on a TV show, why should the Americans trust her for being a heartbeat away from Presidency?


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Video: Barack Obama’s Plan for Economic Stability

Barack Obama details his vision for the American economy

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