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New Obama 2-min ad: Defining moment


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Obama’s lead over McCain drops

A new CNN poll of poll suggests that Obama’s lead over McCain has dropped by 2 points, from 8 to just 6. That means a red-alert for everyone supporting Obama. Gear up once more, guys, and lets make this Presidency happen…! Spread the good word around…

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Bloggers! Gear up for the next wave of dirty McCain attacks!

We did it the first time, when McCain made a purely political choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. More than energising the Republican base, Palin’s selection motivated the Obama base even more. We put up latest news, blew whistles on false McCain ads, called Palin’s bluff and pointed out her ineptitude to lead this country everytime we got the chance. Bloggers all around the web got geared up, energised and did all we could to get Obama back in the polls. In just one week, Obama’s numbers went from -5% to +5% in national polls, and he reclaimed several battleground states. Experts attribute exclusively to the failing economy, but I dont see it that way. The role of the blog world cannot be diminished.

Now is the time for more action once again. Amidst reports by Washington Post that McCain campaign is readying for the next wave of negative campaign ads, Palin continued her critiscism of Obama by calling him reckless and unpatriotic. The same charges, trying to scare folks all over. This is what she said at a fundraiser in Colorado today:


“Our opponent … is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.” She also said, “This is not a man who sees America as you see America and as I see America.”


Other statements from the McCain campaign point to a broader strategy to Swift-Boat Obama and get away with it. Like this one by the idiot Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for McCain campaign.


“On a day when new reports have surfaced about Barack Obama’s long association with a domestic terrorist, our Democratic opponent had the audacity to call John McCain’s health care plan ‘radical.’ The American people know radical when they hear it, and John McCain is not the candidate in this election they should be concerned about,”


Its time for us to gear up and start out a guerilla campaign once again. Here’s a list of some liberal blogs that I feel everyone should check every day to get new updates about the political scene. Bookmark them. Spread the word as much as possible.

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Daily Kos

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Liberal Oasis


Also, here is a site that should help you make some fast Fact Checks:

Fact Check

Fight the Smears

Here’s a list of some conservative blogs:

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The attack is coming. Get ready!

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Debate video: How McCain lies as if no one would know…Shame!

McCain’s lies have reached their lowest ebb. After all the false and absolutely blasphemous attack ads, he now has the nerve to criticize Obama on his position on war !

McCain is nothing but a war-monger, determined to lead America by flexing its muscles around the world. Surprisingly, yesterday in the debate when he was asked what he would cut back given the $700 billion bailout, he said

“A spending freeze on everything except defense and veteran affairs”

What about the millions of people in the country? What about education? What about healthcare? What about research? His soldier-background has made him a soldier, a war monger for life. He thinks that “fighting” is the only solution to all problems. Fight, fight, bomb, bomb. He doesnt realise the importance of education, healthcare and the positive energy in the country in making the nation strong.

And not just the US, this is a policy that has failed and has angered Muslims all around the globe, who have now become one in their jihad against the US. It is precisely this bullying approach that has lowered America’s reputation in the world! Shame…

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