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Top 10 reasons why Sarah Palin turned me off in yesterday’s debate

10) Her saying “Gotcha” and “Betcha” made me wonder whether she’d talk like that with the Prime Minister of Spain…or would she?

9) That “Joe-6 pack” thing…Well, I’d really have someone with half a brain than six packs…look where those Joe 6-packs of this administration have landed America in the last eight years!

8) That dumb woman criticized Obama’s policies.

7) Was she reading out of her prepared notes? Well, that was a down-turner….duh!

6) Her repeated use of the word MAVERICKS. We saw how a maverick (read: McCain) behaves, in the last two months. Choosing a completely inexperienced, ignorant woman to be the next President, gambling with the economy by politicizing the issue to the highest extent and just acting plain stupid on several occasions. A maverick is just a pretty word for being irresponsible, gut (rather than brain) reactive and completely intolerant of other’s opinion, with a firm fixation on one’s own.

5) Her suggestion over the past few weeks that her being the governor of Alaska for one and half years makes her an expert on energy. That is outrageous. Its like saying I have a heart, so I am a heart surgeon. Ridiculous! She wouldn’t even be able to name the crops used for biofuel production (NOT EVEN CORN!!, despite being so corny)

4) Her blatant affirmation of Dick Cheney’s correctness on the role and the power of the Vice-President. Beware guys, here comes the next Cheney!

3) She did not answer the healthcare point raised by Biden. Would McCain be really taxing my healthcare? If thats the case, oh hell!

2) She never gave any specifics…the answers were too general. I “betcha” she did not know half a thing of what she was talking. Her handlers have successfully converted her into a chirping parrot. She says the “key words” and hopes that people will trust America and the world to be safe in her hands. Someone please stop her!

and the top reason why she turned me off…

1) She is on ticket with John McCain!!!!!!!!!!!!

(For more information on who John McCain REALLLLY is, please go down and take a look at some of the videos on my blog…)

Obama ’08!!


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Debate video: How McCain lies as if no one would know…Shame!

McCain’s lies have reached their lowest ebb. After all the false and absolutely blasphemous attack ads, he now has the nerve to criticize Obama on his position on war !

McCain is nothing but a war-monger, determined to lead America by flexing its muscles around the world. Surprisingly, yesterday in the debate when he was asked what he would cut back given the $700 billion bailout, he said

“A spending freeze on everything except defense and veteran affairs”

What about the millions of people in the country? What about education? What about healthcare? What about research? His soldier-background has made him a soldier, a war monger for life. He thinks that “fighting” is the only solution to all problems. Fight, fight, bomb, bomb. He doesnt realise the importance of education, healthcare and the positive energy in the country in making the nation strong.

And not just the US, this is a policy that has failed and has angered Muslims all around the globe, who have now become one in their jihad against the US. It is precisely this bullying approach that has lowered America’s reputation in the world! Shame…

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