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Where’s the Ahmedabad blasts probe headed?

5 days have passed since the Ahmedabad and the Bangalore bombings. 17 blasts in Ahmedabad and 9 blasts in Bangalore.  23 bombs recovered in Surat in a single day, 18 of them in just 4 hours. We still dont know who conducted the blasts. As every other time, there was an exponential growth in the number of suspects in the first 3 days and then a lull.  As every other time, in a month’s time or so, the governments in both the states will prop up some suspicious-looking creature as the bomber and parade him before the media. And then, the DGP will say that the main perpetrators are in Pakistan, we know their locations, but cannot do anything. The Indian Government will blame ISI, condemn Pakistan’s support for terrorism and appeal secretly to US to do something about it. And then, everything will cool down…people will forget that the blasts ever happened…until the next ones happen…

And then again the cycle will continue. The media will bring up statistics of past cases and how they havent been resolved yet. There will be an intense scrutiny of the failure of the Indian intelligence. People will cry hoarse over how the RAW has broken down as an institution, about how the police force is so over-worked, and how the Muslims are being targeted by the government. While the media is busy printing its reels and drying its ink on these issues, the state will continue the same dance it performs everytime and the cycle will go on and on and on and on and on and on……

Is there any hope in sight? Is there a sign that the police force would actually be strengthened? Is there an indication that the intelligence agencies will actually be given some muscle? Or will they be used to spy on the Opposition parties, as has been the case till now? When will things change?

I feel sorry to be an Indian when I see whats happening in India. There hasnt been a single terrorist incident in the US since the September 11 bombings. Only 2 incidents in the UK after September 11. While in India, including the terrorist incidents in the North-East, there have been in all forty-two different terrorist acts since 2003, just in the last 5 years.

And what is our nation bothered about? Its bothered about winning the trust-vote at all costs…may it be bribing opposition MPs by giving them 3 crores each or sacrificing 319 animals to please God.  It is bothered about keeping the throne at Delhi at all costs. It is bothered about sucking tom aintain vote-banks, at the cost of the nation. If thats the case, why in the holy world would anybody care for the country??

This time however, I am giving the benefit of doubt to Narendra Modi, the CM of Gujarat. I have a feeling he will make this investigation a model for governance. I have a feeling that we will be seeing many changes in how Gujarat is run and operated after this. Also, I just hope innocent Muslims are not made scapegoats to satisfy the public. Let us all see what happens in another 2 months…


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