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Obama ’08


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US soldier throws puppy off the cliff in Iraq

For those who havent seen this video, prepare to feel nauseated.

This incident supposedly happened in March in Iraq and action was taken on the US Marine a full 3 months after this happened. This is just one of the horrific acts of the US Army in this war on terror. Who can forget the horrors of Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghraib or incidents like a marine performing target practice on Quran!

I wonder sometimes, why has the behavior of the US Army changed since WWII. Then, The US was the savior. It held a high moral ground. But now, its identity is uncertain. Would the US have committed the same human right violations had Iraq been a European country, the people white instead of brown? I dont think so. I dont recall any stories of American torture during WWII either.  Are things the way they are because during WWII the “oppressed” whom the Americans went on to save were “Europeans”, while today, it is the brown-skinned people?  How much role has racial perceptions had in the committment of these human right violations by the American soldiers? Someone should do a study of that.

Mind you, I am not saying that the US has not brought some degree of order and peace to the land. It has done a terrific job at that. This post merely explores the reason behind the “other face” of the US Army, which is also as much a reality as its bravery and professionalism.

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The real John McCain…scary!

I’m an Indian by birth, but still the thought of having John McCain at the helm of this country for another 8 years scares the hell out of me. Bush has already wrecked this country and the world, made the US more isolated and made the world more chaotic. I believe every bit that McCain would just continue doing the same. I could go on and on about how is policies are screwed up, how his so-called “experience” is a sham, and how his world-perspective is dangerous. But I’d just let these videos do the talking.

The Real McCain

And this is how he got his experience…

John McCain getting angry

MSNBC played this really insightful news-piece on the person who would be the next president of the United States. Have a look

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